Protect your Teens from Online Cyber bullying

Since a decade ago, cybercrime is the issue than even a decade ago. It is because of the Internet of things and connected devices. In addition to this, children are spending more time online. Moreover, with the advent of internet teens and kids are spending 92% of their day online according to recent research. 

 Moreover, some time this online surfing can add up to several consequences online with the devastating issues. Not only teens are spending more and more time online, but they are leaving about 92% of the sensitive content online. 

Moreover, among this, they are sharing 110 content of being online cyber bullied with their peers on Facebook and other risky behaviour online. Hence this, ultimately add into the cyberbullying which can add up into the several mental health concerns it includes suicide, depression, and other problems. 

 Here are the ways through which you can minimize their exposure risk online. 

1. Healthy tech boundaries early

 Put all the appropriate permissions and restrictions online as soon as the children are getting more and more vulnerable to online technology. Also, set early restrictions that can make your teen’s responsible user of technology. 

It can make you more vulnerable online to your phones and computers. Hence it can make your living healthier as ever before their digital identity. Moreover, it makes them more comfortable and suitable to engage with things that can be hurtful for them. 

2. Providing an open channel for communication for your children 

 You can need to encourage your teen about the open channel for communication of your teens about their relationship in school. Their activities online also if they are raising the issues of getting a social media account or some devices. Then you need to discuss the responsibilities and rights. Also, in this way, you can know about the behaviour of your child online and then you need to display and accept things online. 

3. Look all the teachable moments.

 Always be open to know your kids and learn with them. When it is time, you need to discuss the stories, bullying, and privacy and other online risks of your children. Also, it would help if you used the conversation to discuss what is right and what is not suitable for them online. Moreover, you can know about the unsafe and safe situation with them online. 

Also, you need to discuss with them different issues online and how you must respond to them online. Moreover, you need to make sure how your response can affect your children with their age and how you can open dialogues with them. 

4. Monitor their behaviours changes 

 Withdrawal, isolation, and aversion to different activities that he loves to do for some time of his life can the red flags for online cyber bullying. Hence it is the sign that you need to check what is going on in his life. It can the best way you can do with the help of the spy software android. Hence it can easily backfire and lead all the secretive behaviour that you must know about them. 

5. Tracking their online time

 If you are observing that your child is increasingly engaged with the online devices, then it is the sign for you know if things are preoccupied or not. Hence can be the warning sign from your child side. For a reason, spy software android is essential as it will let you monitor your child online surfing without getting caught. 

Hence in this way you can discuss all the plans and concerns with your child beforehand. Also, it would help if you made sure that some actions are necessary and what you can do.

6.Deal situation compassionately and calmly.

You need to manage things online in a safe way. You need to monitor all their ways of tackling things online. It is because only it is the way that you can monitor things that are important for your child future. 

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