Best Place To Live In US

On the basis of the US. news and world report best places the public data and user opinion is analyzed for ranking in the top of a list, a place must how high scores in criteria

such as quality of life and desirability.

2021 Best Places to live Methodology

U.S. news and world reports best places to live ranking help the readers to choose the best place where they want to settle down.The metro areas which are included in the rankings are evaluated by using data form trusted sources like the United States sequence bureau of investigation.

The data which has collected from the trusted source are categorized into five index and then it is evaluated by a methodology according to american preferences.

Five index
  • Job Market Index 20%
  • Value Index 25%
  • Quality of life index 30%
  • Net Migration 10%
  • Desirability 15%
(1) Job Market Index

It measures the power of each metro area to provide job .

  • There are two factors to determine this index
  • .Unemployment rate
  • .Average Salary
(2) Value Index

It is also called the housing affordability index. It measures the comfort ability that residents of each metro can afford with his resources To determine this, Blended annual housing cast is divided by the blended household income of each metro area.

  • Blended Median Annual Household Income
  • Blended Annual Housing Cost
(3) Quality of life Index

It shows that how satisfied resident are with their daily lives in each metro area by using a weighted average, we evaluate different aspect of life in each metro area.

It includes!

  • Crime Rates. (30%)
  • Quality And Availability of health care (10%)
(4) Net Migration

Migration means to move from one place to another net migration shows that whether a metro area is actually attracting or not to new residents.

(5) Desirability

It shows whether metro areas are appealing to residents or not.

There are the top 10 best place to live in the United States Of America 2020:

  • Austin,Texas
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Minneapolis, Minnesata
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Louisville,kentucky
  • Kansas city, Missouri
  • New Orleans, Louisiana

(1) Austin, Texas

Affordability: 6 out of 10
Culture: 7 out of 10
Safety: 8 out of 10
Job market: 8 out of 10
Education: 9 out of 10
Advantages: Education
Limitation: Affordability

It means Austin is great in the education that makes it successful and profitable and this is not affordable by most people. It is the most educated city due to the university of Austin at taxes and its enrollment of students is 51000.

Austin, Texas is the best place to live in U.S. in 2020 according to the Bank rate,s list of top 10 places.

Austin is the best because it is a very lively and profitable city, it has high ranking in six key areas of measurement which leads to success.

What to consider in a place to live

There is a lot of individual preference to decide the best place to live. There are many factors which can influence decision like family proximity, climate and community size.  To make the list of the best place to live in us, we looked at different factors in the most populous U.S. cities.


 Initially, we looked at affordability if we want to settle in metro cities. It is checked that income is enough to take the cost of living in a given city.


People look at culture also and there are different types of culture which are followed by people. It also influences the people to choose the city.


Safety against property and violent crime rates.

(2) Portland, Oregon

Affordability: 7 out of 10
Culture: 9 out of 10
Safety: 7 out of 10
Job market: 9 out of 10
Advantages: Culture or education
Limitation: Job market

Portland is well known for the gam. The west coast city offers a walkable downtown with shops and galleries. Its job market is not up to the mark.


Affordability: 8 out of 10
Culture: 4 out of 10
Safety: 8 out of 10
Job market: 9 out of 10
Education: 9 out of 10
Advantage: Job market
Limitation: Culture

Minneapolis is a good place for those who want a job. Despite being affordable there is a long list of lucky soo companies which headquarters are in and around the city.

Best State to live in USA

Some states are very good in health care and some are in education.The best states of the U.S shows many points to evaluate how well states are performing for their citizens. The metrics include a states economy, its roads bridges internet and other infrastructure. Most weight was given to health care and education.

When the federal government handed over responsibility to spend and policy making to the states, these best rankings offer a comprehensive view, state by state and show states performing already best.

The data from which these rankings were done that was collected from extensive and reliable sources as well as proprietary data.

Overall Ranking of  Best States

    Rank    States

  1.      Washington                                    
  2.      New Hampshire
  3.      Minnesota
  4.      Utah
  5.      Vermont
  6.      Maryland
  7.      Virgina
  8.      Massachusetts
  9.      Nebraska
  10.      Colorado

Top places to live in United States


It is a series of suburbans in search of a city and metropolis becoming denser in southern California. There are Silver lake, Echo park, and los feliz in East Los  Angeles.


The advancement of technology has led to sky high real estate prices in san francisco. There are many homes for the city’s tech workers and has a mix of Victorian features. There are many of the most popular bars and restaurants.


It has a growing tech and creative services sector if we want to live in the middle of Miami’s beautiful nightlife scene, Miami beach is best little Haiti and Wynwood are enclaves of bohemian art galleries, restaurants and bars galore.


It is the centre of finance, advertising, and research for must of America,s Midwest, wicker park and logan square, a pair of hip sections are the best neighbourhoods in the country.

Chicago,s commuter towns are some of the country’s most idyllic.

Best cities to live in united states 

Best cities to live in america

Arlington:  City in Virginia

It is a very clean and open minded town with educated people. Its population is 231,803.

The Woodlands: City in texas

It is one of the best places to live in Texas. It offers residents to feel like a suburban . Its population is 109,843.

Naperville: City in illinois

There are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops and parks.The people who live in Naperville have moderate political views.

An Arbor: City in Michigan

It is a sweet and enjoyable small town which offer everything that a resident need, Its population is 120,641.

Plano:City in Texas

It provide a dence suburban feel to feel to the residentsnts and most of them own their homes public schools are highly rated. Its population is 284,579.

Overland Park: 

City in canvas having population 89,687.


City in Maryland having a population 103,663.


City in Massachusetts having a population 115,665.


City in California having a population of 120,926.


City in Washington Having population 142,242.

Safety Place to live in the United States

Minnesota (64.43)

Minnesata is the most safe state in the United State.It has first rank in Road safety, third in financial safety, and seventh in personal and Residential safety. Lakeville, Plymouth, Eden Prairies, and Mople Grove are some of the safest cities in Minnesota.

Vermont (64.32)

Vermont is the second safest state in the U.S. it has fourth rank in financial safety and fifth in personal and Residential safety, Its unemployment rate is lowest in the country. It has third lowest share of uninsured people.


Maine is the third safest states in the U.S It has second rank in personal and resident safety It has the lowest violent crime rate in the country Number of assaults per capita capita is the lowest of any state.

Utah (62.48)

Utah is the fourth safest state in the U.S. It has second rank in workplace safety, and seventh in road safety. It has 4th lowest total loss from climate disasters per capita.


Connecticut is the fifth safest state in the U.S.  It has first rank in personal and Residential safety and second fewest accupational injuries. The violent crime rate is 3.

New Hampshire (61.19)

New Hamsshire is the six safest state in the U.S, It has fourth rank in  personal and residential safety and 5th in Emergency preparedness It has one of the lowest unemployment rates i.e. 2.6%.

Lowa (60.85)

Lowa is the 7th six safest states in the U.S. It has second rank in financial safety and third in Personaland residential safety and road safety. It has more resources and funds which make sure communities have proper safety measures.


It is the eight safest state in the U.S.It has fourth rank in emergency preparedness and sixth in financial safety. Its in employment rate in the country is 2.7% which is very low.


Massachusetts is the ninth safest state in the U.s. It has first rank in financial safety and second in road safety.

Wyoming (57.31)

It is the tenth safest state in the U.S and also best place to live in USA. It has ninth rank in personal and Residential safety .It has the smallest populations ultimately results in low crime rates.

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