4 Unheard Facts About Botox Treatment

Did you know almost 7.7 million Botox injections were given last year? The figures says it all. Botox treatment is one of the popular cosmetic treatments in the world and for all the good reasons.

Not only is it noted to be the safest cosmetic procedure compared to the other procedures but it also has promising outcomes. As you know, Botox Montreal or other locations helps an individual get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles making the skin look youthful.

Every year thousands of men and women choose to go in for Botox treatment for achieving flawless looking skin. But even with so much popularity, we found out that there are still some weird facts about this treatment that people don’t really know about.

This is why we have listed for you some of the unheard facts about Botox treatment to keep you updated about this procedure. Continue to read till the end to find out.

1.    Botox can help in excessive sweating condition

The medical term for excessive sweating is known as hyper-hidrosis and many people tend to suffer from it. But did you know that Botox treatment can help in taming this condition?

The targeted area where the sweat glands are overactive is injected with the Botox solution botulinum toxin. As the injectable solution blocks out the nerve signals that are responsible for sweating, patients can see promising results with it and get Glowing skin.

However, it is a temporary solution to the problem and must be retreated after 4 to 6 months. The blocked nerve signals would regenerate after the slotted time.

2.   Botox treatment was founded through food poisoning

This one might be the most bizarre fact but Botox was actually discovered through the case of food poisoning. In the year 1820 an individual named Justinus Kerner was curious why a batch of sausages caused poisoning among a group of German men.

His curiosity lead him to find out that it was a toxin present in the meat that caused food poisoning among the group and lead them to their death. Although an unfortunate event, this mishap exposed the neurotoxin known as botulinum toxin which is used in Botox treatment today.

3.   The number of men getting Botox is soaring up

As soon as we say Botox or any other cosmetic treatment, we just assume that it is the women who popularly choose them. While the male population is not unknown to this world but did you know that when it comes to Botox treatment men are equally interested in it like the women population.

So much so that the number of men choosing Botox treatment has significantly gone up ever since 2000. There is approximately 337 percent rise in figures where men choose for Botox procedure. Most men choosing the procedure belong to the white-collar working category.

4.   Botox can help in treating Migraine

Well, if you think that Botox treatment is just a luxury procedure that people choose for looking flawless then you are certainly wrong. The injectable solution has more uses than you can think of.

Botox is popularly used for the treatment of migraines as well. Yes! In 2010, the FDA gave this procedure a green signal for using it to be used as a treatment to ease migraine headaches. But the even weird fact related to it is that no one exactly knows why it helps in curing the pain caused by migraine.


We are pretty sure some of the facts mentioned above were bizarre and most definitely something that you didn’t know before. So, if you are interested in Botox Montreal or any other location-based treatment why not give it a go and book your appointment with an expert. 

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